Loved through and through

In the beginning of this new year I have read one of the more remarkable books in the Bible: The Song of Songs. Eight chapters on pure love. The book is written by King Solomon, whose name means “peaceful”. He is also called “Jedidja”, a name that means “The beloved of the Lord”. In the New Testament Jesus mentions Solomon for example in the sermon on the mount when he describes the lilies of the fields and says: “…not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these” (Matth. 6:29). Solomon was king David’s son and when the queen of Sheba, a woman from present-day Yemen, came to see Solomon, she was totally fascinated with his wisdom. And this wise man is at the same time full of love. What a combo!

In Song of Songs Solomon describes what the bridegroom, the bride and the friends say. The bridegroom is a picture of God and the bride a picture of Israel or the church. What fascinates me is that the bride, the church, in the text is so sure about being completely and perfectly loved. “I am very dark, but lovely”, she says about herself. “Draw me after you”, she asks. She is loved but she wants more. She is completely rooted in love but still not satisfied. This is my prayer for the new year: To become 100% convinced about being loved all the way through by God and still dare to ask for more.

And the bridegroom, God, in the text is not slow to answer: “You are most beautiful…”. That is the thought we receive today. Loved and blessed, that is our name.

Pastor Camilla