A new song?

In one of his psalms David says – and it is a quite amazing statement actually – ”He put a new song in my mouth” (40:3). The words can be understood in different ways of course: God changed the atmosphere on David’s inside and added the sound of a new song. David went from minus to plus. Or then David really made a new song, something that is very likely, if you think about all the texts David produced in the Psalms.

This fall I got an idea: I have contacted musicians and singers and asked them to contribute with a new song to a “Christmas calendar 2021” on Facebook and Youtube. My dream is that we would present a new song daily and maybe some of the thoughts behind the song: how was it born, what happened in life right then? At the same time we give these people an opportunity to say “A blessed advent” to all who listen. I don’t have 24 singers yet, but I am working on it. Exciting, isn’t it?

Pastor Camilla