The good part

During the last days I have been thinking about distractions. There are various sorts of them. Something unexpected happens, someone says something that creates a frustration or you get angry with yourself because you forgot something important. Many things may upset us. The problem is that distractions often grow in size and become huge if we don’t control them.

The Bible says that Mary chose the good part, while her sister was lost in distractions. (Luke 10:41-42). The good part was the peace at the feet of Jesus, the focus on the words that came out of His mouth. That part was not going to be taken away from her. The good part always needs to be chosen, it does not happen all by itself. You have to choose the peace close to Jesus and turn your face away from that which causes stress and frustrations. But when you’ve found your place close to Him you sit by the well. And it always overflows.

Pastor Camilla