About a month ago I started a one year training in coaching and it is extremely interesting. A word we have talked about is the word GROW. As you mirror yourself in that word, you can ask yourself the following questions. The risk in life is, isn’t it, that the development and growth stop at some time? And then everything continues like before. I am so happy that Jesus challenges us growth and development. That makes life so meaningful!

Take the letters in the word GROW and you get this: G as in GOAL. What do you want to do of your life, where are you heading? What kind of development and growth would you like to see? R as in REALITY. What does your life look like right now? Is there anything that needs to happen in order for growth to happen? Anything you need to let go of, anything you need to add? O as in OPTIONS. What are your options? Do you see them or are you looking so much in the old direction that you miss the opportunities? W as in WILL. In order not to get stuck where you are, what changes will you make, what steps will you take? Remember, growth usually happens outside of your comfort zone.

Sit down with a pen and a paper before God. Ask Him to speak to you as you think about the questions. You choose how deep you let them challenge you. They might sound over-easy and superficial but they are, perhaps, deeper than you think. Have a blessed day!