What is a relevant word for today?

In the beginning of the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, there are two chapters with personal greetings from God to seven specific churches in what would be today’s Turkey. The greetings are quite different, not general words to churches generally. Behind the greetings seems to be an analysis of the situation and, in some of the cases, a concern on the heart of God. What makes it even more alarming is that there is absolutely nothing more left than a rumble of stones where these churches once existed.

It is both healthy and important, especially in the beginning of a new year, to think: What does God see when He sees our church? What word or greeting does He want to give us? What does He say to us personally and what does He say to us as individuals? These questions are in line with the thought in the book of Revelation: May the one that has ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

When you have a physical problem and you go to a doctor, the best solution is not that the doctor, just to be kind and positive says: ”Everything looks fantastic in your life and in your body – congratulations!” It is much better if he, based on his competence, takes the situation seriously, analyses, and comes to a conclusion: This needs to be done. This is also the thought behind the greetings in the Book of Revelation: They are an analysis, a description about the real situation and they offer a possibility to health and restoration.

Now as we soon enter a new year, let us ask: What does the Spirit say to our church? Are there things we need to see, learn, set aside, correct, add, seek? As long as we are alive there is a possibility to grow, to develop and to be pruned. Now the question is: What does God see in us? Please, communicate if there is something you get or hear that we all could benefit from!

Pastor Camilla