The prototype of the church?

When Alexander Graham Bell was credited with patenting the first telephone in the end of 1800, he could probably not imagine what a phone would look like in 2018. What started as a big, clumsy thing, fastened to a wall, became a thin little something with which you can not just call someone, but also pay your bills, read newspapers, send emails and google on recipes – for example.  The development of the Christian church looks, however, in quite the opposite way. What started as a mobile, organic fellowship, led by some simple disciples, became a complex, huge organisation, led by “professionals” and as hard to turn as Viking Line’s M/S Amorella.

This, in my opinion, means that when we look for the prototype of the Christian church today, we need to go back to the early church. There I see at least three things that stand out: Grace and mercy, not perfectionism, as the atmosphere of the church. The real experience of God’s power as foundation for your faith (1 Cor. 2:5). Discipleship and mentoring as a work-method in the church, not just as a nice theory, but as a way of stepping into your calling.

This really stimulates my thoughts this early February morning 🙂 What kind of thoughts stimulate you?

Pastor Camilla