Water and tears

Our bodies contain a lot of water and we  need water to stay in good health. Dehydration is sometimes hard to discover, but our skin might send some signals and  headaches, irritation and fatigue are of often a sign of  dehydration.

Man is not just a physical being. We are spirit, soul and body, according to the Bible, and need humidity in an inner sense as well. That is why Jesus stands up, during a Jewish religious festival and cries out: If anyone is thirsty, come to me and drink. He gives us a clear message: He, Himself, has water for our inner man and He invites us to drink of Him, daily. The religious activities and festivals won’t do the job. Drinking of His presence is what waters the soul.

But, as much as we need an input of water we need an output of it as well. Tears are a great gift.  When we cry we reveal that we have the ability to be moved. Stone-heartedness is fatal. When the pressure gets too high, when there are reasons to grieve or when our hearts are deeply moved, we need to be able to cry. Our tears move the heart of God. The Psalmist says that He even collects our tears in a bottle. That is how valuable they are to Him. And one day He will dry all tears from our eyes, IRL. Wow – that is my God!

Pastor Camilla