Many valuable things happened as a result of Pentecost and the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Christian church. There was a new boldness and a new freedom. There were breakthroughs as people were ministered to. Remarkable healings took place. And there was this: “Then Peter stood up with the Eleven…” (Acts 2:14).

Peter stood up with the rest of the disciples. He did not have to do it alone. The eleven were not simply watching him preach. They joined him. They supported him. They stood behind him. They were one in preaching, one in prayer, one in ministry.

In all honesty, this feels like the biggest of miracles. So often we stand watching (and maybe even criticizing). So often we think: “well, we’ll see how this goes”. What if we would let the Holy Spirit create togetherness and unity, corporate involvement and dedication? “Together” is our theme in September 2017. Welcome to church!